IPCC Fan Club

Because the

Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change

is so awesome!

The IPCC report process is little known

But it’s something that people should know!

It’s the greatest science/policy achievement in history

Share and Celebrate

The IPCC Fan Club’s purpose is to share that great news


to celebrate the IPCC’s achievements


A graphic novel about the IPCC?
Ya, we’re making one. Here’s why:

Once upon a time, one of the fans here…

It was a ferocious argument. The guy said climate change was a hoax. I was so mad. He had all the answers. I knew he was wrong but I just couldn’t muster the words to tell him where exactly he was wrong.

So I made it a project. I was never going to lose an argument like that again. I’d learn about climate change top to bottom, front to back.

I have been taking action on climate change and studying it deeply for more than a decade now. Among the many, many things to know, I’ve learned how the IPCC does its work. It’s something most people just don’t know. They should!

A Graphic Novel

So to help communicate that otherwise dry bit of knowledge, we here at the IPCC Fan Club are working on a short graphic novel to (hopefully) explain the IPCC process in an interesting way.


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