So, we’re writing a graphic novel. What should we call it?

We tried crowdsourcing. Here’s how it went:

  • The Ask
  • The Suggestions
  • Professional Comment
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Here’s the ask: Please suggest and vote on a title for the IPCC graphic novel [note – submissions deadline has passed]

The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) is one of the greatest science/policy achievements in history. Over 30+ years scientists have volunteered countless hours to achieve, again and again, a uniquely international and unequivocal consensus. Our project will spread the news and celebrate the IPCC with a comicbook length (~30 pages) graphic novel.

The scene is a school in the future. Climate change has been “solved” and the students learn how the IPCC helped solve it. Using scenes of scientists ice climbing while studying glaciers; facing down bears while studying trees; weathering storms at sea while studying ocean acidity; flying small planes through the eye of a hurricane while studying storms (those sorts of things) we will walk the reader first through the scientific method, then peer review & scientific journals. We then jump into the international scientific sifting of what all that science means; writing it down; getting formal agreement of the scientific community; and finally, getting formal agreement of all the world’s governments.

Note – no title idea is too dumb, brainstorming may stimulate something great from someone else. Also, a “professional” title chooser wants something clever (not too clever) that does capture plainly what the book’s about. [note – submissions deadline has passed]

The Suggestions

  • How Scientists Saved the World [most votes]
  • Storm Troopers: The IPCC’s 30+ year battle against climate change [2nd most votes]
  • How the Art of Scientific Agreement Saved the World [tied for 3rd most votes]
  • No Shades of Grey – Climate Change Action [tied for 3rd most votes]
  • A Herd of Cats: The Unprecedented Consensus of the IPCC [tied for 3rd most votes]
  • The Greatest Scientific Achievement of All Time [tied for 3rd most votes]
  • The History of How the IPCC Saved the World [tied for 3rd most votes]
  • By Our Powers Combined [this and remainder of list a vote free zone]
  • No Longer a Vanishing Dream: the role IPCC and science played to save the environment
  • Galileo’s Wish: how science and reason rescued the world
  • Because IPCC: how scientists around the world forced governments to agree
  • Relentless: The IPCC and Climate Change
  • For the Good of All: How Scientists and Governments Figured Out Climate Change
  • Guardians of Our Future
  • The IPCC and the People Who Saved Our Planet
  • When Geeks Rule -Climate Gets Saved
  • True Colors in the Fight for Climate Change Action
  • Battle for Climate Dominance
  • Climate Change – The Last Lecture
  • Consensus, True and Careful: a future look back at how IPCC scientists agreed on climate change
  • In retrospect in future: Scientists in the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change saved the day
  • Our children’s children will adore us: a future look back at how scientists saved the world
  • The Eye of the Hurricane

Professional Comment

We’re lucky enough to have a real live IPCC lead author giving us a little advice. They said they liked words and phrases like consensus, science and reason, and true and careful. They liked action, with the sense of going beyond simply understanding, to creating the basis to act.

They didn’t especially like notions of battle and dominance and particularly disliked forcing agreement.

Finally, the ideas of children adoring and greatest achievement were pooh poohed as being immodest.


So far we haven’t chosen a name for the graphic novel. The name IPCC Fan Club was serendipitous; coming about simply because a domain name search suggested the .club domain.