Every time an IPCC report is released hundreds, sometimes thousands of scientists have volunteered their time to to produce the thing.
At one point in our book Because IPCC! a student asks a scientist why she volunteers.

Dr. Aedes replies that it’s because climate change is important. She goes on “Also, I get to work with smart people from all over the world, it’s prestigious, I learn a lot. But mainly, it’s important. Any part I could play in helping address the most pressing issue facing humanity, I’m in!”

Now Dr. Aedes is a fictional character in a fictional future so we wanted to be sure that an actual scientist would say such a thing.

So we checked with Professor Pete Smith of the University of Aberdeen in Scotland. He’d authored the article I put myself through hell as an IPCC convening lead author, but it was worth it.

His response: “Yes – totally. We certainly don’t do it for money or the relaxation! Your response captures my motivation perfectly.”

Thanks Professor Smith and all of your IPCC volunteer colleagues. We salute you.